It is the zone where we promise wines of terroir. The certified vineyards are here to refurbish your taste buds in Australia. The Beechworth vineyards entangled from Castagna hunk promote the tasty and fancy collection. The biodynamic wine is grown in varieties to understand the concept of certification.

What do you need to know about Biodynamic wine??

It means you are creating a mixture of all the components from your vineyard as a single soul. We made it by using natural products and detoxifying the chemicals. Other than this, all the harvesting and processing is in the hand of the biodynamic calendar.

Let’s have a look at the winery Beechworth selection!!!

If you are a taste lover, you can get the latest collection of Castagna wines. Biodynamic wine is the foremost journey of recognition that never goes wrong!!! We are hitting your obsession with our best buying products. The CRU wines from Beechworth wineries splash your thirst and give you a fresh feeling. The certified biodynamic wine gives efficacy and pure results. The antique soil from years makes valuable wine when granted with the perfect light and temperature. The preparation of oldie Castagna wine with the fermentation of fruits makes the fresh outcomes for drink-lovers. The manufacturing from 1997 makes its name by crushing the fruits and beautifying the local vineyards of Australia.

Castagna is the heart of classic wine in the foothills of the Australian AlpsS!!!

The discovery of natural wines from our organic contents makes your life easier. The Castagna wines are performant and pioneers of Australian vineyards. Don’t forget to add the perfection of the place where it is grown. We deal with the decomposition of granitic loam and the hand-pruned process. The yeast that we use is initial from the standards of our vineyards. The total asset is approx two tons per year. We let you not miss the vitality of Beechworth wineries that is produced from fresh French oaks every day. We have expressed the place of the fancy Beechworth Chardonnay from toasted hazelnuts and peach. You can make your meal fancy with the elite Rousanne that is pre-baked with potato. We never leave you hopeless by our diva delights on festivals. The boozy texture on the upper layer of our bio-dynamic wine is the rich thing from our collection. The wildest and spooky herbs from Castagna’s old-gold yards are the true blast of the time.

We serve you quality!!

Biodynamic wine never compromises on quality because the pruning of the wines makes the single and dynamic item. You will never feel disappointed with the aroma, emotion, and taste of the Beechworth wines. Australian citizens can now get the cozy things with these ultimate Castagna items. We are stocking heavy qualities that we name from the beginning of the addiction world. The Beechworth biodynamic wines are performing dual functions like premium and luxury wines. The other selection can be ultra-premium to make you feel better than you ever felt before!!!

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