Chicago-area restaurant weeks help support local businesses

Chicago-area restaurant weeks help support local businesses

Dining places are a single of the most difficult-hit industries through the pandemic, so if you want to assistance a neighborhood organization, there are loads of cafe months taking place all weekend.

Online video Transcript

STACEY BACA: How incredible is this? A rooftop deck, the fireplace is burning suitable listed here. Possibly you want to order your favorite food from a restaurant close by. And if you do, this is really the weekend to do it, simply because there are Restaurant Months occurring across the Chicago area.

At the The Elm, La Grange, there is blue sky overhead, the snow is melting, and inside of they’re fired up.

DAN SPAIN: With temperature, it’s 45 out and sunny, and for some motive, it feels like it is really 60. It feels fantastic. It really is such a aid for not only us, but absolutely everyone.

STACEY BACA: Dan Spain owns The Elm, which was meant to open up in March 2020. Currently, it truly is like dining places are rising from wintertime and the pandemic.

DAN SPAIN: Just to see the joy on people’s faces, to be outdoors eating in a restaurant. And it is at ease mainly because it is so spaced out.

STACEY BACA: The Elm is part of La Grange Restaurant Week, occurring all weekend.

If it requires a unique for lunch, a particular for meal, to get them above in this article, provide them in.

NANCY CUMMINGS: The community understands that they require to phase up, and genuinely assist the organizations that they adore so a great deal, and that genuinely is what we’ve observed.

STACEY BACA: All weekend, you can locate bargains at the 5th Yearly Westmont Restaurant Week. Same throughout McHenry County for dining and takeout. And for the initial time, Chicago’s Southland launched a week. The Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery is one of 24 eating places having aspect today and tomorrow.

JIM GARRETT: We want folks to get out there, delight in those eating places. We are telling men and women, indeed, we are open, and all we want is you.

STACEY BACA: And if you are wondering about Chicago Cafe 7 days, it starts future month. Again in LA Grange, let’s just say you can find explanation to rejoice.

DAN SPAIN: It truly is just euphoria nearly. I signify, we are not there nonetheless, but we’re finding there, which is just awesome to just about be at the conclude.

STACEY BACA: Oh absolutely, right? So if you want to assistance a nearby restaurant, maybe in your group, head on more than to our website We have stated the Cafe Weeks that are taking place proper now. So incredible! I feel the only thing I’m lacking at this moment, possibly a cocktail, appropriate? –to go alongside with this scene too.

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