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Like most countries, if you are interested in experiencing Taiwan, then you need to do it through food. When you eat the local cuisine of a country, you get to experience the flavors that make up the people and tradition of that place and that is what many people who travel aim to identify. Today, Chef Ido Fishman will be taking you through the most recommended items from Taiwanese cuisine that you must try if you visit the country. 

Taiwanese cuisine is known for the flavors that it incorporates into the food which is heavily influenced by the southern provinces of China. However, traces of Japanese cuisine can also be found in some dishes. History plays a huge role in the type of food that people enjoy eating in a particular country. And you can see the traces of history in Taiwanese food from when the country was under Japanese rule. 

Taiwanese Foods You Must Try

Beef Noodles

If you ever get the chance to visit Taiwan, you need to try the beef noodles. These beef noodles consist of three main elements which are noodles, beef, and broth. The rich and delicious dish is one of the most popular Taiwanese dishes and the best quality of these is sold by street vendor ladies who know just how to cook it perfectly.

Minced/ Stewed Pork Rice

Pork rice is such a popular dish in Taiwan that it was once considered the national dish of the country. You may find the appearance of the dish underwhelming but the simple-looking dish has a memorable taste that will take your taste buds on a pleasant journey. Minced pork rice is where port meat is minced by knife and the stewed version of the dish is made from pork bellies.   

Soup Dumplings

Soft, warm dumplings in broth with a delicious and juicy filling are something that you will miss during the coldest winters. The dumplings are made from very thin dough and are filled with various fillings which mostly consist of meat. These dumplings are known for their delicate design where you can see 14 delicate folds on the top to close the dumpling.  

Vermicelli Soup

Vermicelli is as common in Taiwan as rice is in India. Several varieties of vermicelli are cooked in Taiwan which includes intestine and oyster vermicelli, pork knuckle vermicelli, and sesame oil vermicelli. However, the most popular kind of vermicelli is the oyster vermicelli. The dish is aromatic and spiced with a unique combination of herbs and spices that give it flavor.

Stinky Tofu

To get the whole Taiwan experience, you cannot say that you have experienced Taiwanese cuisine if you haven’t had stinky tofu. It might be easier for people who are familiar with the taste of tofu to enjoy this delicacy but most people find it hard to get over the stink that emits from the fermented tofu. Spicy stinky tofu is a popular snack in Taiwan and is served with Taiwanese kimchi to erase the greasiness of the tofu.   

Bubble Tea 

Bubble tea, also known as Pearl Milk Tea, is a popular beverage that only a few people know originated from Taiwan. The bubbles are chewy tapioca balls that are soaked in milk tea that you have to chew if they come into your mouth. The pearl milk tea is a widely popular beverage all across south Asia and is also a popular drink choice in other continents.  

Shaved Ice

This dish is an example of a food that reflects history. The shaved ice was introduced in Taiwan during the Japanese reign. As the name suggests, the dish is ice which is shaved with a machine and topped with sweet toppings and fruits to give it flavor. The most popular flavor of shaved ice in Taiwan is mango. 

The Bottom Line    

In this food blog, Ido Fishman has covered all the main foods that you need to try to experience the full Taiwanese cuisine. Now, this is not to say that other foods of the country are not as important. This list is just written to make sure that you don’t find out about some unique foods that you didn’t get the chance to try during your trip. 

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